A.E.G.I.S. Ability Grading System
Grade Human- Human Human' Human+ Human++ Human+Max
Human-Minus Baseline Human-Prime Human-Plus Human-Double-Plus Human-Plus-Max
Definition Ability below human levels Ability at mean human levels Ability at or approaching peak of human capabilities Ability beyond human capabilities Ability beyond mean Traveler capabilities Ability equivalent to Antediluvian capabilities
Ability Score Ability Score of -1 or lower Ability Score of +0 to +3 Ability Score of +4 to +7 Ability Score of +8 to +10 Ability Score of +11 to +15 Ability Score of 16+
Skill Rank Skill Rank 0 Skill Rank 1-8 Skill Rank 9-16 Skill Rank 17-20 Skill Rank 21-24 Skill Rank 25+
FX No FX Rank No FX Rank Innate FX Rank 0-5 FX Rank 6-10 FX Rank 11-15 FX Rank +16


A classification used to describe human+ abilities which go beyond simple enhancement of baseline human capabilities and instead represent various abilities which a normal human body or mind simply cannot manage.


Able to control more abstract qualities, such as space or time. Most commonly wielded by Antediluvians.


Able to control a particular type of energy.

  • Controller: Able to control an energy external to the self.
  • Channeler: Able to draw an energy into or through the self, then utilize it as a Controller might.
  • Evoker: Able to generate an energy from within the self, then utilize it as a Controller might.


Able to control a particular type of matter.

  • Shaper: Able to control a type of matter external to the self.
  • Conjurer: Able to create matter seemingly from nothing


Significant alteration of baseline human physiology and/or anatomy. A physio-alt can be monomorphic if the subject can only assume a single other form, or polymorphic if the subject is capable of assuming numerous forms, and can be classified as fixed or plastic, depending on whether or not the transformation is reversible.

  • Enhanced: Human appearance, but capability and performance far beyond human levels.
  • Zootype: Phenotype similar to animal or other organism.
  • Alt-Substance: Body composed of unusual, sometimes inorganic, materials.


Able to manipulate other Category-µ or human+ abilities. Exceedingly rare.

  • Mod: Able to control, amplify, or negate the abilities of others.
  • Mimic: Able to replicate the abilities of others without the Thrall Process.