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ALLY General, Ranked

You have another character serving as your partner and aide. Create your ally as an independent character with (rank × 5) character points, and subject to the campaign's power level limits. An ally's character point total must be less than yours. Your ally is an NPC, but automatically fanatically loyal to you (provided you treat your ally fairly and well).

Gamemasters should generally allow you to control your ally, although allies remain NPCs and the GM has final say in their actions. Allies do not earn character points. Instead, you must spend earned character points to increase your rank in Ally to improve the ally's character point total and traits; each point you spend to increase your rank in Ally grants the ally 5 additional character points. Allies also do not have hero dice, but you can spend your own hero dice on the ally's behalf with the usual benefits. Allies are not minions, but full-fledged characters, so they are not subject to the minion rules.

Rather than increasing the character points available to create your ally, a rank in this feat can move your total number of allies of the same point total one step up the Time and Value Progression Table, so one additional rank gives you two allies, two additional ranks give you five, and so forth. The GM may limit the number of allies a character can have to keep things from becoming unmanageable during play.