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An FX with this modifier targets a different resistance than usual. The FX and modifier remain the same, only the resistance differs. When applied to FX requiring a Toughness resistance, Alternate Resistance is a +1/rank extra and can only make the FX's resistance Fortitude or Will. Fortitude generally represents a toxic FX like a poison, while Will represents a mental or spiritual attack. In either case the FX only works on targets with the appropriate resistance: Fortitude only affects living targets with a Constitution score. Will only affects creatures with all three mental ability scores. Neither works on inanimate objects.

Applied to FX requiring some other resistance, this modifier does not change an FX's cost (it is a +0/rank extra). The GM may choose to add a modifier if the alternate resistance grants a significant advantage in the campaign, but usually the differences in utility against various targets even out. In this case, Alternate Resistance can be used to target any potential resistance (though the GM has final say if the chosen resistance is appropriate).