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Character Module
In many types of games, characters go beyond what is humanly possible. They might wield incredible magic, have fantastic powers, or be members of an alien or otherwise-inhuman race that can do simply impossible things. FX are far more nuanced and versatile than what is possible with skills and feats: they can be mixed, matched, combined, and modified to create exactly the effect your character needs to be fully realized.
Redlight FX are by no means necessary for all games. Many games with more realistic settings, where players have realistic human characters, are not appropriate settings for this module.
Yellowlight The entire chapter of FX can be made off-limits to PCs while still being open to NPCs. For games where "everyman" characters do battle against the otherworldly or supernatural, it can be quite appropriate to reserve FX for NPCs-only. And it's always possible to simply allow access to FX only through the Gear Module, so as not to leave the PCs completely helpless.
Greenlight The whole collection of FX can be made available to players without concerns for balance, if that fits the game. Note that this module does tie closely to the Basic Combat Module.