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Character Module
Characters are more than just skilled, they’re capable of amazing feats, often far beyond the abilities of ordinary people. In d20A, a feat is a particular special ability. Feats often allow characters to “break the rules,” doing things most people cannot. Feats are not actually classified as FX.
Redlight Feats are used to help further define characters. If you choose not to use feats, consider the options presented in the No Feats Mini-Module to allow players to replicate many feats simply using skills.
Yellowlight Feats used only by NPCs can be difficult to balance, but this option allows the GM to create a game in which the PCs seem more mundane, which can be fitting for Urban Fantasy games or games where the PCs are "everyman" heroes, such as horror or survival games.
Greenlight You may decide not to use all of the feat groups presented in this chapter. Each feat group is independent of all others, and can be used individually with no negative impact to the game. All the feats presented in this module can be used together with ease. The default set of feats in d20 Advanced are most compatible with games set in a modern time-period, but are easily adaptable to reflect other time-periods of play as well.