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Character Module
One of the most important aspects of a character is what role he or she fills within the group. By choosing a diverse array of Roles, a group of characters are able to prepare for nearly any challenge, and each character is able to shine in a unique way. Each Role approaches combat in a different way, with different advantages and disadvantages.
Redlight Roles are not necessary to use d20 Advanced. If you choose not to use this module, there are other ways to ensure that each PC has a unique role within the group, but they require more GM oversight.
Yellowlight This module can be used only by NPCs, especially when they are heavily team-oriented, but it is intended most for PCs.
Greenlight With the materials in this module, you'll have the options you need to give every PC in your group a unique role in combat. This allows each character a chance to shine in his or her own way.