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How Skills Work
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Character Module
Put simply, characters do stuff. What they can do, and how well they can do it, depends largely on how skilled they are. Skills cover just about everything a character can do or that you can expect to ask of a character, and represent the totality of basic, mundane abilities for characters. Everything from swinging a sword to charming a prince to building a laser to surviving deadly poison falls under a character's set of skills. Skills provide many simple options for both customizing characters and resolving challenges in the game.
Redlight If you choose not to use an in-depth skill system, you will likely want to examine the No Skills Mini Module, detailing ways in which you can use ability scores to replace skill checks for odds and ends.
Yellowlight There are few times when the game would benefit NPCs resolving their actions using a skill system and the PCs not. The Skills module is one of the more binary choices in d20 Advanced: either PCs and NPCs use it, or neither use it.
Greenlight All the skills presented in this chapter can be used together with ease. The default set of skills in d20 Advanced are most compatible with games set in a modern time-period, but are easily adaptable to reflect other time-periods of play as well.