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An FX with this Flaw requires a check of some sort (usually a skill check) with a Difficulty of 15 + FX rank in order to work normally. If the check fails, the FX doesn't work, although the action required to use it is expended (so attempting to activate an FX that takes one action takes one action whether the check is successful or not). The check occurs as part of the action to use the FX and provides no benefit other than helping to activate it. Normal modifiers apply to the check, however, and if you are unable to make the required check for any reason, then the FX doesn't work.

This check must be in addition to any check(s) normally required for the FX. So, for example, the normal Perception check made in conjunction with a sensory FX does not count as an application of this flaw, and applying it means an additional check is required before the FX's normally required check(s).

Check ExamplesEdit

Skill checks an FX may require include:

  • Acrobatics: Suitable for FX requiring a measure of coordination, agility, or complex maneuvering.
  • Infiltration: Best suited to sensory FX, particularly Conceal.
  • Knowledge: A Knowledge check might represent having to know something about the subject of the FX (such as using Science for Knowledge) or having to know something about the FX itself (such as Technology). Operating a complex device may also require a Knowledge check.
  • Persuasion: Good for FX intended to deceive, particularly sensory FX like Conceal or Illusion.
  • Science: Works well for biological FX like Healing or others requiring a Fortitude resistance or involving the body and medicine.