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Your ability to avoid attacks and harm.


Resistance Your Defense allows you to dodge and parry incoming attacks. The DC to overcome your Defense is 10 + your ranks in Defense + your Dexterity.

Defense RanksEdit

Your ranks from the Defense skill is lost under certain circumstances, such as when you take no actions, are Flat-Footed, are surprise attacked, or are otherwise unable to defend yourself normally. In these situations, a character only gains benefit from his or her Dexterity, but not any ranks in Defense, or modifiers to the skill from feats or FX or gear.

Other circumstances (such as when you are helpless) cause you to lose your entire defense (including your Dexterity), and may apply additional penalties to your defense. Specific circumstances are discussed in the Combat Module.

Uncanny DodgeEdit

The Uncanny Dodge feat allows you to retain one point of your Defense per rank when stunned, flat-footed, or would otherwise lose your Defense.