Gming Gamemastering
Getting Ready The Three Commandments of Gamemastering
Overseeing Character Creation
Playing the Game Running a Game
Creating an Adventure

Running a game is an art and a science. It's a tough job and a rewarding joy. A good GM must be part story-teller, part tactician, part stage-magician, and part referee with a dash of improvisational musician sprinkled on top. A GM needs to be everyone's friend and an impartial arbitrator all at once.

Gamemastering means taking a book full of rules and numbers and breathing life into them, using those rules to create a vibrant, exciting world full of adventure for the players. It means making tough calls in the interest of keeping the game moving and making it fun for everyone involved. Running a game is a big responsibility, but it's also a rewarding one. It's the chance to show your players a fantastic world and to challenge them head-to-head. It's one-half a game of chess against a whole team of opponents and one-half improvisational storytelling with a group who can come up with some fantastic characters for that story.