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The GM moderates the pace of a game session, and determines when movement is important enough to be worth measuring. During casual scenes, you usually won’t have to worry about movement rates. If a character arrives somewhere and takes a stroll around to get a feel for the place, or is flying around the area, or even going for a swim, there’s no need to know exactly how fast the character goes.

Movement PaceEdit

In combat, however, movement pace is quite important. During the average six-second round, a character can move roughly 30 feet in a single action. While using the Move Action, characters are entitled to Move twice, such as moving two zones or moving one zone over and then Engaging with an enemy (see the Combat Module for details).

In order to move more quickly than usual, a character may choose to Move All-Out, moving as much as quadruple the normal distance possible, though this leaves the character unable to adequately defend against incoming attacks. Characters who move all out are treated as Flat-Footed until their next turn. Moving all-out takes two actions.