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Your ability to react quickly to danger or in response to another event.


Resistance Your Reflexes can help you avoid enemy Actions in combat. The DC to overcome your Reflex resistance is 10 + your Ranks in Reflex + your Dexterity.

Start BattleEdit

Your initiative in combat is determined by your Reflex check.


In any situation where you must react quickly (such as to catch a falling object, shutting your eyes before a medusa catches you with her gaze, etc.), you compare your Reflex check to the DC. If your Reflex check is greater than or equal to the DC, you are quick enough to react in time.

Try AgainEdit

You cannot retry a Reflex check, as by its very nature, a Reflex check is meant to represent reacting to a situation at a moment's notice.


A Reflex check is made as a reaction. You can spend one hero die using its result in place of the 10, but you must do so before learning the results of your Reflex check. If you choose to spend a hero die this way, you must use its result, even it makes your Reflex check worse.