Real Name: Phoebe Katherine McAllister
Affiliations: A.E.G.I.S.
Saint Claire's Catholic School
Previous Affiliations: n/a
Aliases: Agent Blue
Relatives: Anne McAllister (Mother)
Walker (Father)
Mildred McAllister (Grandmother)
Duncan McAllister (Grandfather, Deceased)
Status: Active Special Agent
Abilities: Affinity for Van der Waals Force
Human' Intellect
PL: 10/163 CP
Creator: Jackelope King


Anne McAllister was always smart, but she had a knack for doing dumb things, such as when she got knocked up during her freshman year of college at Arcadia City University. As always, though, Anne took the challenge in stride, and raised her daughter while she was working her way through college. The young family settled in Paloma after Anne finished school, and Anne soon discovered that no matter how smart she was, finding a job as a single mother was incredibly difficult. Still, she made enough in her string of jobs to make sure they always lived comfortably, if not in luxury. Unfortunately, Phoebe had suffered from seizures from a very young age, and the family's medical bills made improving their lot a difficult task.

At the time, public schools were going through a budget crisis in Arcadia City, and with Catholic School being an affordable alternative, Anne decided to send her daughter to Saint Claire's Catholic School, the school which she had attended. While Phoebe seemed to do well in her classes, once she had a seizure during class, she was subjected to some terrible teasing from her classmates. The teachers at Saint Claire's, to their credit, did stamp it out as quickly as they could. But with playdates canceled for trips to the hospital and the difficulties presented by Anne's long hours, Phoebe had a difficult time making friends, with the exception of Braende Rein, who looked out for her since elementary school.

As a child, Phoebe spent hours upon hours filling her diary with elaborate plans for her future, revising them endlessly, and fine-tuning her dreams meticulously. It was far easier to do this than to risk reaching out to new friends and being rejected. Phoebe's lack of self-confidence and reluctance to make new friends only compounded her outsider status throughout her early school career, as cliques formed without her. During high school, at her friend Braende's urging, she began to take the first steps forging some new friendship, but it's been very slow-going.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Phoebe has been blessed with a glimmer of her mother's brilliance, and she possesses excellent deductive skills and foresight. Given a few seconds to analyze a situation, Phoebe can usually predict with fair accuracy how a battle will unfold, and she can use that knowledge to aid her allies and guide them. She's also shown her mother's knack for solving mysteries, able to pick up on clues that most people would miss.

Only recently has she manifested human+ abilities. She seems to possess the ability to rearrange the shape matter takes with just a touch. Simply by setting her hands on a material and focusing, she can cause it to take a new shape by manipulating Van der Waals Force. She has begun exhibiting greater control over the energy field she generates, enabling her to use her power from greater and greater ranges.

Physical Abilities
STR +0/+1 Rank Misc Total DEX +3/+8 Rank Misc Total CON +2 Rank Misc Total
Athletics +0/+1 +2 +0 +2/+3 Acrobatics +3/+8 +1 +0 +4/+9 Endurance +2 +4 +0 +6
Melee Attack +0/+1 +0 +0 +0/+1 Defense +3/+8 +0 +2 +5/+10 Fortitude +2 +4 +0 +6
Might +0/+1 +0 +0 +0/+1 Finesse +3/+8 +0 +0 +3/+8 Recuperation +2 +0 +6 +8
Infiltration +3/+8 +2 +0 +6/+10 Toughness +2 +0 +4 +2/+6
Reflex +3/+8 +2 +0 +6/+10

Mental Abilities
INT +4/+6 Rank Misc Total AWE +2/+6 Rank Misc Total CHA +3 Rank Misc Total
Academics +4/+6 +4 +0 +8/+10 Perception +2/+6 +3 +1 +6/+10 Destiny +3 +3 +0 +6
Science +4/+6 +2 +0 +6/+8 Ranged Attack +2/+6 +0 +4 +2/+10 Focus +3 +5 +0 +8
Technology +4/+6 +0 +0 +4/+6 Streetwise +2/+6 +2 +0 +4/+8 Persuasion +3 +0 +4 +7
Wits +4/+6 +0 +4 +8/+10 Survival +2/+6 +0 +0 +2/+6 Will +3 +5 +1 +9
68 cp
Role Feats Gear
  • n/a
14 cp 0 cp

Aura (Container 6, 30 cp)Edit

Scion's human+ abilities manifest as a crackling field of prismatic energy around her body. With practice, she's learned to use this aura to manipulate the world around her, reaching out with it to move small objects and carry herself through the air. Scion is able to "feel" everything around her, to sense objects within her field as clearly as if she were touching them.

Morphic Field (Container 6, 30 cp)Edit

Scion's Morphic Field works on any matter, inanimate or living. She can create a shield from the material around her, and though she's unpracticed at it, she can use her abilities to heal even grievous wounds. Her subconscious mind has long used her Morphic Field this way to rapidly heal her own injuries.

AlternateFX Protomatter Control (Container 6, 1 cp)Edit

Scion can manipulate matter, but she is especially adept at manipulating a substance known as 'protomatter'. Once she has access to it, she can make use of it to spectacular effect.

Think Fast! (Container 3, 16 cp)Edit

In addition to her Morphic Field, Scion is actually quite a bright girl. She uses her smarts to her advantage in battle, relying on quick-thinking to formulate and execute cunning plans to fully realize her true prowess in combat.

Powers of Deduction (4 cp)Edit

Her intelligence also makes her a gifted investigator. Taking after her mother, Scion has an uncanny ability to divine tremendous amounts of information from a crime scene.

76 cp