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While characters come in all sizes and shapes, most are generally within the human norms of size, ranging between four and eight feet tall or so (Medium-sized). Some characters have the ability to alter their size using the Growth and Shrinking FX. Others are normally a different size, either larger or smaller. These characters have ranks of either Growth or Shrinking with a Permanent duration.

A character’s size affects certain qualities. Modifications for size are shown on the following table. Size modifiers count toward campaign power level limits.

Size Movement Height Weight Example
Minuscule (-5) Shrinking 5 Difficult Terrain 3 3 in. or less 1 oz. or less House Fly
Fine (-4) Shrinking 4 Difficult Terrain 2 3 in.-6 in. 0.09-0.1 lb. Treefrog
Diminutive (-3) Shrinking 3 Difficult Terrain 1 6 in.-1 ft. 0.25-1 lb. Rat
Tiny (-2) Shrinking 2 Normal Movement 1-2 ft. 1-8 lbs. House Cat
Small (-1) Shrinking 1 Normal Movement 2-4 ft. 8-60 lbs. Human Child
Medium (0) Normal Normal Movement 4-8 ft. 60-500 lbs. Adult Human
Large (+1) Growth 1 Normal Movement 8-16 ft. 500-4K lbs. Grizzly Bear
Huge (+2) Growth 2 +1 Moves 16-32 ft. 4K –32K lbs. Elephant
Gargantuan (+3) Growth 3 +2 Moves 32-64 ft. 32K –250K lbs. Humpback Whale
Colossal (+4) Growth 4 +3 Moves 64-128 ft. 250K- 2 mil lbs. Blue Whale
Awesome (+5) Growth 5 +4 Moves 128 ft.+ 2 mil lbs.+ Office Buildings


Larger creatures, with longer strides, are able to move around the battlefield more easily than smaller creatures. Creatures of size Huge and greater gain additional Moves while taking the Move Action. Creatures of Diminutive size and smaller, on the other hand, lose 1 move while taking a Move Action. For action that takes place only at an increased or reduced size, feel free to ignore these extra moves.


A normal (Medium-sized) character has a 5 ft. reach, which means the character can use a Trait with Touch Range on any target up to 5 ft. away. Larger and smaller characters have a longer or shorter reach. Truly large characters are so big that their melee attacks can crush several smaller foes at once!

Target's Size Reach
2 or More Size Categories Larger Must Engage each round
1 Size Category Larger Normal
Same Size Normal
1 Size Category Smaller Extended Reach
2 Size Categories Smaller Touch Range attacks treated as Close Range
3 or More Size Categories Smaller Touch Range attacks treated as Long Range, but may only target Adjacent zones; Touch Range attacks treated as having Narrow Area of Effect


Larger characters can lift and carry more, while smaller characters can lift and carry less. See Might for details.


Larger characters are easier to notice and hit relative to smaller characters, while smaller characters are harder to notice and hit. These Bonuses and Penalties cancel out for characters of the same size, who attack and defend normally against each other.

Target's Size Attack Effect Modifier Perception
3 or More Size Categories Smaller 3 Penalties 3 Bonuses 3 Penalties
2 Size Catogies Smaller 2 Penalties 2 Bonuses 2 Penalties
1 Size Category Smaller 1 Penalty 1 Bonus 1 Penalty
Same Size Category No Bonuses or Penalties
1 Size Category Larger 1 Bonus 1 Penalty 1 Bonus
2 Size Categories Larger 2 Bonuses 2 Penalties 2 Bonuses
3 or More Size Categories Larger 3 Bonuses 3 Penalties 3 Bonuses
Perception Range Attacks are not affected by changes in size, either for bonuses or penalties

Perception ModifierEdit

Larger characters have a harder time sneaking around, while smaller characters have an easier time remaining unseen and unheard. You gain 1 Bonus to Perception checks for each size category larger your target is.

Effect ModifierEdit

Larger characters tend to carry bigger weapons, have more muscle-power, and produce larger and more dangerous Effects.