Institutions in the World of Paradox title textEdit


  • American Cinemas- movie theater chain
  • Footlighters Cinemas- movie theater chain
  • SeaNight- bestselling books turned into a horrible movie series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and a werewolf and turns out to be a mermaid; rumors swirl about unicorns in the final installment


  • Auntie Anna's- bakery chain
  • Chunky Chicken- fried chicken chain
  • Fishy Joe's- seafood chain
  • Granny's- homestyle diner chain
  • Imperial Dragon- chinese chain
  • International House of Waffles- breakfast chain
  • Little Papa's Pizza- pizza chain
  • Mooby's- fast-food chain; burgers
  • Pufferbelly's- bar chain
  • Roger Wilco- supermarket chain
  • Sandwich Shack- sandwich / deli chain
  • Sundollar- coffee chain
  • Shop'n Rite- supermarket chain
  • WcDonalds- fast-food chain; burgers


  • Brawndo- sports drink
  • Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs- breakfast cereal
  • Cowbox- computer manufacturer
  • CuddleBuddies- bean-filled small animals
  • FriendFace- social networking site
  • Gamestation- video game console
  • Moogle- internet search engine
  • Morley- cigarettes
  • myPod- portable MP3 player
  • Red Minotaur- energy drink
  • Soder Cola- soft drink
  • YourTube- online video site
  • World of Warhamster- MMORPG


  • Best Tech- electronics chain
  • Bounders Books- book chain
  • Club Banana- clothing chain
  • Gerbils Gerbils Gerbils- pet chain
  • Jester's Playbox- toy store chain
  • Holiday Ice Cream- ice cream stand chain
  • Mind the Gap- clothing chain
  • Old Army- clothing chain
  • Quickstop- convienience store chain
  • Rick's- sporting goods chain
  • S-Mart- big box store chain
  • Vienna- upscale clothing chain


  • AC&C (American Communication & Cable)- telecom company
  • GNN (Global News Network)- media outlet
  • Hexxon- gasoline chain
  • Horizon Bell- telecom company
  • PlanEx (Planet Express)- parcel service
  • Playpen- adult magazine
  • PoPTV- music video television network