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Your ability to resist physical punishment and direct damage.


Resistance Your Toughness protects you against trauma. The DC to overcome your Toughness is 10 + your ranks in Toughness + your Constitution.

Degrees of SuccessEdit

If an effect exceeds your Toughness, you may suffer additional debilitating conditions:

  • Succeed: If an effect exceeds your Toughness, you are injured, suffering Cumulative a -1 to your Toughness or each injury.
  • Succeed By 5 or More: If an effect exceeds your Toughness by 5 or more, you are injured and stunned, losing one action on your next turn. You lose both of your actions if you suffer this condition twice (and as you are also unable to act, you lose your Defense bonus).
  • Succeed By 10 or More: If an effect exceeds your Toughness by 10 or more, you are injured, stunned and staggered. When staggered you can only take a single action each turn. If you are using the Combat Dice Module, you immediately lose half of your combat dice, rounded up. A character who is already staggered and who has no combat dice who is staggered again is knocked helpless.

Try AgainEdit

You cannot retry Toughness checks.


Toughness checks are made as reactions. You can spend one Hero Dice to use your Hero Dice Pool result in place of the 10, but you must do so before learning the results of your Toughness check. If you choose to spend a hero die this way, you must use its result, even it makes your Toughness check worse.